I Didn’t DIY This New Ceiling Fixture

When we moved in, we made a lot of changes that you can see here. But we also left a lot to be done down the road, mainly replacing bath/light fixtures, painting remaining rooms, and carpet. One of the biggest eye sores was this ceiling fan/fluorescent light in what was essentially an undefined space/hallway:

I’ve hated it since we first looked at the house, and we have RARELY even turned it on in the 2 years we’ve lived here. So this year for my birthday, my mom bought me this light fixture from World Market: 

So I had planned to replace it myself with just the helping hands or someone to hold it up, hand me tools, etc. But when my dad came to help and just started doing everything for me, I obliged, and was the helping hand instead.

Things got a little hairy when the + and – wires were both white and we weren’t sure which was which, but my dad being my dad, he just guessed and tested and thankfully was correct and there was no explosion.

We then had problems getting the screws into the plate, followed by an issue with the threading on the bottom piece that secures the ceiling cover to the mounting in the ceiling. But we finally got it, although it felt a bit less secure than we would have liked. Not sure there is anything we could have done though, because it was just a matter of manufacturing as far as I could tell.

This left us here:

I didn’t have anything to shorten/tie up the chain so had to leave it like this until I could get to the hardware store.

And, while I realized eventually I’d need to uninstall, trim wire, remove chain, I didn’t feel like doing it…. So an S hook later, we have this: