My name is Ashton. I’m a wife, a new mom, a say it straight friend, an artist, a traveler, and an unapologetic shopaholic. I love to read, create, go to outrageously expensive movie theaters, drink wine, cook, and most importantly- shop. I work from home creating graphic designs, but by “work,” I mean, mostly I sit and stare at my babies and kiss their puffy cheeks. I haven’t got it all figured out just yet, but I invite you to join me as I navigate the journey through life.

Why read my blog? Well, mostly to kill time, get a little chuckle…. I’m not a serious journalist or even a semi-serious blogger. I write to fulfill my innate drive to create, to express myself, and to have fun! You won’t find hard hitting stories, or scathing reviews. Here you’ll find recipes, narratives that may be slightly overdramatic, tales of my adventures as a new mom, an amateur cook, a slacker housekeeper, and an expert shopper. It’s a hodge podge of anything I like (or dislike depending on my mood).

Glad you’re here! Enjoy!


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