Re-Imagined Dollhouse

I was at a loss for what to suggest my parents buy for our daughter for her 1st birthday. They always ask if there is something specific- needed or wanted by us for our kids or that the kids would want for gifts. A friend suggested a dollhouse, but when I looked at them online at my favorite places (PB Kids/ Land of Nod) they were just so pricey! But I mentioned it to my mom none the less, and what did she find that week at Homegoods? A doll house!!IMG_2402

It was broken and chipped in a few places and missing a door knob and some screws, but I suggested we could paint it, and she saw the potential as well. She ended up getting it for $50 and took it straight up to her barn so we could work on it.

Now, I’m the type of person to jump into creative projects without pausing to make a plan or look over everything thoroughly…. so, I grabbed a brush and just went for it! My mom started asking pretty quickly, “are you sure we should have done this?” with a nervous edge in her tone. Welp, there was no going back. It looked way better already! And also a little worse.IMG_2401 (2)

I wasn’t worried about being too careful with the white because I figured I could go back with white and fix it, but that little 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch edge around the windows and shutters was so difficult to navigate, and I didn’t really think about how much harder black and slate are to cover up with white than white would be to cover up on them. Anyway, this is where I stopped on day 1 of work.

The next day I was much more resolved to be careful with all my painting. I painted over ALL the white with a new white; that took a couple coats. I painted over the birdhouse and tree on both sides, and painted the inside of the side windows with a white paint pen. I thought the flowers looked hokey, so I painted them a dark green. Found something to work as a doorknob and painted it, as well as the french door knobs, gold metallic, and then the door was painted robins egg blue. After all was said and done, I was PRETTY happy with it! It’s not perfect, and it was more work than anticipated, but I ended up with something that was made more special by personalizing it, and that wouldn’t be an eye sore in her room! Now all I will add is a little wreath on the front door to add that last touch of homeyness!

What do you think? Ready to move in??IMG_2728

What would I do differently next time?

-take the windows and trim off the house & paint everything separately, then glue back on
OR (if not possible to take those off)
-tape first, paint WAY more carefully
-use a quality white paint with primer that covers the dark colors easily
-tape the inside of the windows so the paint doesn’t look messy from the back side of the front house door when open. (the whole front swings open to access the inside.


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