Baby Train

Hop on the baby train, people! I’m pregnant! This is actually old news, since I’m already 22 1/2 weeks along (I drafted this post and forgot about it months ago). We’re expecting a baby girl in early May. She’s a little surprise, but now that the shock has worn off and we found out she’s a she, we’re really excited. This does, however, mean that our humble little abode will need some serious shifting of furniture, re-working of spaces, and remodeling here and there. Our third bedroom- lovingly dubbed “Spare ‘Oom”- is currently home to a daybed for guests, a vanity area for me to gussy myself up (as our bathrooms are too tiny to accommodate that), storage for boxed books, costumes, Christmas decor, etc in lieu of the garage we don’t have, and the closet is full of all of Jordan’s clothes and a few of my lesser-worn things because our master closet is so horribly laid out, we can’t fit more than my stuff in it. Clearly we can’t fit a baby and all it’s baby things in with all that stuff, so it’s time to make a change (or 20). The first step in this process I’ve taken is to prepare the items we’re moving out or unpacking from their boxes to be placed in their new homes elsewhere in the house. This meant painting a few things so they look nice in said new spot. If you saw my Midas Touch post, you saw a lot of these items painted gold. We’re moving my vanity area out into the large TV room to serve the same purpose, but to look more like a desk/office space. Painting it all to match would achieve a cohesive look. Or so I’m hoping! We’ll need to remodel the master closet to accommodate both mine and Jordan’s stuff, move the Daybed into the Large TV room, add a ceiling light in the nursery, paint the nursery, furnish the nursery… good gracious. I need to lay down. So here we go! Let’s create a nursery! Stay tuned to see such changes come to pass!

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