The Midas Touch

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the influx of all things GOLD on your Pinterest feeds, magazine pages, and store shelves. It’s back and in a BIG way!! I once said (many years ago when gold was NOT in style) that I hated gold and would never wear it. Well, not a year later, all my silver jewelry was abandoned for the glistening gold draping necklaces and baubles. The gold trend is certainly at a high now and I’ve decided to hop right on board! I’ve been pinning DIY project after DIY project for months now and have finally decided to actually do some DIYing.

Enter: The Midas Touch Project

I wanted to paint a few little things at home gold- drawer pulls and drawer overlays, so I ran down to Michaels for gold spray paint. Low and behold they have the Can of All Cans of Gold spray paint- as proclaimed by DIYers- Montana Gold. I bought all three cans they had left. I have pretty much ZERO experience with spray painting, so I had no idea how much I would need. I might actually mention that I tried to spray paint the drawer overlays a few months back with some gold paint I got at Ace…. it was a mess, and I didn’t like the color of Gold in the end. So here we are again buying more paint.

I started with the drawer pulls on a white file cabinet I bought a couple weeks ago. They came silver- shiny silver on the outside edges, and a frosty silver in the middle.



Instant upgrade!

Then I got the bug. Some might call it nesting, as I’m 5 months pregnant, but I say it’s the Lust for Gold!! I looked around the soon to be nursery for anything I had ever dreamt of painting gold. Immediately I thought of my vanity desk and mirror, then decided to do the magnifying mirror as well because it’s a heinous brassy-gold.

IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4384

So here they are in their temporary home. Pretty nice!


…and then the hanging lamp shades


Yes- you’re seeing that clearly. The nozzle was leaky and leaked all over the side of the shade!!! Bummer! I’m gonna see if I can hide it before buying a new one. But I’m kicking myself for not noticing it before there were, like, a million huge spots!!

And of course: the drawer overlays for the nightstands I’m supposed to gussy up. I have yet to paint these. I think I’ll save them for the whole Rast Ikea Nightstand hack post I’m planning for when I get around to buying the paint and such for the nightstands themselves! Exciting things are coming!!

What I learned:

1) Clean surfaces well- don’t just dust. I noticed it looked a bit blotchy where I had handled the pieces before painting.

2) Hold the can about a foot away while spraying- I had a few thick nasty messes.

3) PRIME Metal surfaces! I did not use a primer and I can already tell it’s going to be a problem. the paint is scratching off pretty easily.

4) Be patient. This is not one of my strengths, but I tried to go into it expecting it all to take a couple days.

Now, stay tuned to see where all these items’ new homes will be! Turning our spare room/vanity/hubby’s closet into a nursery means re-thinking and re-working a lot of the other spaces in our house!

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