Month: August 2014

How to start…

I’ve struggled to find the right words, theme, or story for my first post in my new thought spot. I want to be clear that I am a grown up now, and my new grown up page- soon to be full of grown up posts- is all grown up too.

Let’s be honest, nothing has changed except that I now have a new web address with a fresh look. Well, some things have changed, I suppose. For example: I had a baby, quit my job, moved from Southern California to Northern California, bought a house, renovated said house, and cut my hair- it’s now a sweet, little lob!

To be serious (for once- don’t get to used to it), I think the best way to start anew here is to introduce the littlest love of my life, my son: Heath Wolfgang Smith



I wouldn’t grow up for anyone else. And he’s 100% worth it. He’s my inspiration in so many ways… he inspires me to be a better person, wife, mom… a better cook, better at keeping up the house, better at finishing projects and books, to practice having more grace with others, to see the best in every situation, and to find beauty in the world around me. Motherhood changed me immensely- more than I thought possible. And so, I dedicate this blog to him, my Heathie-bob. I hope it allows me to have one space where I can be Ashton. An avenue to find myself among the mommy-madness, not to get so wrapped up in being a mom that when he doesn’t need me in the same ways as he does now, that I’ll be able to accept it, to rejoice in the time we had, and to look forward to an evolving relationship with him as he grows up.